Progressiva | Progressive & Deep House Presets for Massive


Progressiva – Subtle Massive presets pack

Introducing “Progressiva,” our latest preset series tailored for the NI Massive synth, exclusively crafted for house music enthusiasts.

Curated by Klems, this collection is meticulously designed to offer the finest presets for various house music sub-genres, including deep house, progressive house, tech house, melodic techno, and more.

We’ve poured our expertise into creating what is fast becoming the ultimate and indispensable collection of Massive presets. The emphasis throughout the development process has been on intricate details and impeccable sound clarity. Dive into a treasure trove of over 100 exceptional deep house sounds, spanning from raw basses to analog deep chords, keys, pads, plucks, leads, and beyond. Each preset comes equipped with macro controls, ensuring that key modulations are easily accessible at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, if you utilize the Massive Instrument soft synth and seek a highly inspiring collection of meticulously designed house music presets, this set is tailor-made for you.

Preview the sonic excellence of “Progressiva” and explore our selection of free presets. Elevate your music production experience with this extraordinary collection!

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– 101 high quality Deep House – Progressive – Minimal presets.
– Massive modulation possibilities
– Macro control ready
– all rhythmic elements synced to tempo
– carefully sorted into categories (Basses, Pads, Leads, Plucks etc.)

Requirements: Minimum Massive V1.5

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Presets list

BA- 80’s Grungy Bass
BA- Bohmer Bass
BA- Chris Lake Bass
BA- Classic Progressive Bass
BA- DX7 Bass
BA- Frog Bass
BA- Funk that Bass
BA- Future House Bass
BA- Future House Bass 2
BA- G&D bass
BA- Grunge Bass
BA- Hard Daft Punk Bass
BA- iConic
BA- Lane 8 Bass
BA- MJ Bass
BA- Moogy
BA- Pluck Bass
BA- Progressiva Bass
BA- Raw
BA- Screamer Bass
BA- Slap That Bass
BA- Superlow Bass
BA- The Cage
BA- Tinlicker Bass
BA- Trap Me
BA- Urban Bass
BA- Yotto Bass

SY – Dusky’s touch
SY – DX7 Gated Bells
SY – M83 Synth
SY – My Name is Justice
SY – Prog House Synth
SY – Slap That Synth

SEQ – Taped Chords
SEQ – Chordy Strap
SEQ – Deep House Chord 1
SEQ – Deep House Chord 2
SEQ – Infinty
SEQ – Motion

PL – 80’s Bal
PL – Analog Pluck
PL – Big Dady
PL – Classic Mono Pluck
PL – Classic Pluck
PL – Dance Pluck
PL – Fuck Me I’m Distorted
PL – Impluse
PL – Ocean Pluck
PL – Pluck me
PL – Pluck or Lead?
PL – Plucky
PL – Shifter Pluck
PL – This is Plastic
PL – Unrevealed
PL – Wonderfull Pluck
PL – Xsylo

PD – Classic Progressive Pad
PD – Dancing With The Stars
PD – Humanoid
PD – Stranger Pad
PD – Supersaw

LD – 80’S Brass
LD – 80’S OB6
LD – Analog Classic Lead
LD – Back To 2000
LD – Big Blue
LD – Crunshy Lead
LD – Decent Lead
LD – Distorted
LD – DuoTone
LD – JP8
LD – Klems Lead
LD – Ma-Sive Lead
LD – New Wave 2020
LD – Polymoog
LD – Prophet
LD – Resonant madonne
LD – Saw Vibes
LD – THE Lead
LD – The Veldt
LD – Trancys Touch
LD – Virus Lead

CH – Anjunadeep Chord
CH – Cubicolor
CH – Deep as Shade
CH – Deep Chord
CH – FitzGerald
CH – Gated Deep House Chord
CH – Jono Chord
CH – Juno one
CH – Lane 8
CH – Old School Stab
CH – Play Me Twice
CH – Proghouse chord
CH – Rodrigez Jr
CH – Soundprank bass chord
CH – Tecky Chord
CH – Unstable Chord
CH – Vintage Chord
CH – Voices from the outside